For the love of teaching


Rusul Alruball (@RusulAlruball) Through out the time you were trying to become a educator people told you that your not smart or you don’t have the drive to become a teacher but you never let that stop you. You most have that future strength.We all have a vice and it’s very powerful. What would happen if all teachers cared and loved there students.

Through out the years of my education I have find out that most teachers don’t teach through there heart but through there pay check. Most of my classmates feel that of 50% of white teachers don’t like people of color. In order to become a great teacher you most Love,care,and get to know your students I called that Meaning full teaching . Most teachers forget the reason they became a teacher. As educator you must ask yourself why did you become a educator.

Facts & history

Rusul Alrubail works on literacy and student voice at The Writing Project. She is also an education writer, and a student voice advocate. Alrubail has taught English composition and literature to high school, college, and undergraduate students for 10 years. She has written with Edutopia, Education Week, The Guardian, PBS Newshour, EdWeek Teacher, Teaching Tolerance, ASCD’s Educational Leadership, Edsurge, Annenberg Learner Foundation, Medium and others.

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